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This website is dedicated to the garden strawberry as a fruit – and the many ways it is valuable today. We will be discussing a lot of important information about it so if you are a lover of strawberries, you are most welcome to explore this website.

About strawberries

A garden strawberry is a hybrid species of the genus Fragaria. It is cultivated around the world and eaten as a fruit. While it is called a strawberry, it is not entirely viewed as a berry. It is classified as an aggregate-accessory fruit. It has a characteristic aroma and characterised by its red color, rough yet juicy texture, and sweet flavour. The fruit is used and converted in many ways – from preserves to fruit juices, ice creams, and even milkshakes. Strawberries can be combined with other fruits and produce to create sumptuous meals and flavours. The fruit is also used in various products like candy, hand sanitizers, lip gloss, perfume, etc.In Liftonstrawberryfields.co.uk, we will try to provide you with insight about how this amazing fruit originated. The very first mention of the fruit is in the ancient Roman literature where it was cited for its medicinal value. It is believed that the whole strawberry plant can help battle depression and when you consume the fruit, it provides certain nutrients like vitamin C, manganese, and other minerals.

In the 14th century, it is believed that the French harvested the fruit from the forest into their gardens. Charles V, the king of France from 1364 – 1380, had around 12,000 strawberries planted in the royal garden. During the 15th century, it is revealed that European monks used wild strawberries – as indicated in their illustrated manuscripts.

This fruit was believed to have been first bred in France, specifically in Brittany, back in the 1750s. It was a cross between the Fragaria virginiana (North America) and Fragaria chiloensis (Chile).

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Apart from all these information, Liftonstrawberryfields.co.uk will also give you fun facts about this fruit. Among the topics we will discuss includes the health benefits that you will get from consuming this fruit. We will also give you some recipes that will help turn strawberries into sweet desserts – and even strawberry jam. You can also find some tips on how you can grow this fruit in your own garden – even in the English climate.There are a couple of strawberry festivals happening in Europe on a yearly basis and you will be given information on that on this website. You can even get tips about the best online casino games that are inspired by strawberries! There is several online casinos where you can play these games, read more here. If the fruit is involved, we will try to give you information about it. If you want to play casino games for a bonus you can get more bonuses with a casino code here. 

This is only a few of the topics that you will read about in Liftonstrawberryfields.co.uk. So go ahead and browse the website and get to know more about strawberries.