Grow Strawberries In England

Do you want to grow strawberries in England? Strawberries are one of the easiest to grow in this climate. In fact, it can grow anywhere. You can plant it in hanging baskets or any type of container. This is great because this is one of the most popular fruits in the world. The fact that you can grow it in your own garden means you can enjoy it sweet juices without spending any money. But although it is easy to grow, it still needs special care and attention.

About growing strawberries in England

One of the most rewarding fruits to cultivate in your own backyard are strawberries. Usually, those bought in the groceries are just one type. There are others that you can plant in your garden and enjoy with the meals you serve on your table.

So what does it take to grow strawberries in England?

Growing strawberries

First of all, you have to know what type you will grow. As mentioned, there are several types of strawberries to choose from. When you grow your own, feel free to experiment with the different types so you can figure out what type you want to cultivate. The strawberries taste differently and some are sweeter or more nutritious than the others.

Planting strawberries

When planting the strawberries, you have to remember to place them in places where the soil can be well-drained. Either you place them under the sun fully or partially. The best plant to grow is the one that comes from the garden centre or a nursery. The best time to do this is during the spring or autumn. When planting during spring time, you need to remove the flower buds so the nutrients of the plants will be concentrated on the roots. The plants should be 40 cm apart and arranged in rows. The rows should be 1 metre apart to allow space for growth.

It is very important to water the plant so it will grow well. Fertilising the plant is also a good idea. You can use well-rotted compost or straw. Make sure you place a thick layer so it will prevent weeds from growing and taking the nutrients intended for the plants. This will also ensure that the moisture in the soil will be preserved.

Harvesting strawberries

When the time is right to harvest the strawberries, you need to know how to do it. Usually, they begin to flower during the early summer. When the flowers die, that is the only time when the fruit will develop. Make sure the fruits are protected from slugs or that the mud will not damage it. Use the straw to keep the fruit from the soil. When the fruit is ripe, it looks deep red and also quite soft when you touch it. To harvest, gently pick them off the plant. Cut the foliage about 10cm on top of the crown to ensure that the leaves will have room to grow. Clear the soil from debris so there will be no disease building around the next growth. Keep on watering the plant and placing more compost on it. This will ensure that the plant will have enough nutrients to produce more fruits next season.

Planting new strawberries

When you grow strawberries, specifically after the fruit is harvested, you will notice that plants have a lot of runners with small plants on them as well. These have the potential to grow into more strawberry plants. Just insert these plants into smaller pots when it has rooted already.

Follow these tips and you should be able to grow strawberries right in your own backyard.